What Toys Can I Leave In My Puppy’s Crate?

What Toys Can I Leave In My Puppy’s Crate?

Every dog owner knows the importance of having a crate, especially when you want to leave the house and keep your dog in it at night.  However, dogs can quickly get bored when stuck inside a crate. Owners need to use crates for their dogs’ safety. Therefore, you must find ways to keep your dog entertained and prevent it from becoming destructive inside the crate. Keeping toys in your dog’s crate is an excellent way to keep it busy. ‘What toys can I leave in my puppy’s crate?’ If this is your question, then here’s the answer. Read below to learn about leaving toys in your puppy’s crate, including what you should and should not be doing.

What Toys Can I Leave In My Puppy’s Crate?

You must consider several things when you leave toys in your puppy’s crate. It depends on what type of dog you have. You should give priority to your dog’s safety. If your dog has a habit of chewing everything, you must avoid certain toys. Here are some toys that you can leave in your puppy’s crate.

  • Interactive Puzzle Feeders

Interactive puzzle feeders are some of the best toys you can leave in your puppy’s crate. They can keep your dog’s mind busy and its stomach full. These toys are often quite sturdy, so excessive chewing is not possible. Hence there is less fracture risk for your dog’s teeth. You can put treats in these toys, and your dog will be entertained with them the whole time it’s inside the crate. You also don’t have to stuff the crate with many toys when you have interactive puzzle feeders, as even one of them can keep your dog busy for a long time. An example interactive puzzle feeder is the Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl. Ipetguides.com provides a detailed guide on the best toys for mental stimulation that you can leave in your puppy’s crate.

  • Stuffed Plush Dog Toys

Stuffed may not be ideal for dogs with a habit of chewing excessively. However, some dogs are mature enough to have stuffed toys in their crate when you are not there. Stuffed toys are not ideal for serious chewers and destructors. These toys are perfect if you have an inhaler or nibbler. They will be entertained for the time you’re out with the stuffed plush dog toys in their crate. An example stuffed plush toy that you can leave in your puppy’s crate is the Multipet Gumby Plush Filled Dog Toy.

  • Chew Toys

Sometimes you must leave a chew toy, especially if you have a serious chewer. Some dogs can become destructive when not given anything to chew on. They could even go to the extent of biting the bars in the crate, which could wear their teeth. If you have such a dog, it’s best to give it a suitable chew toy like Kong Extreme, so it doesn’t become aggressive. 

  • Durable Dog Toys

If your dog has a habit of destroying everything around the house, you must choose a toy carefully. These dogs need toys that are made using strong and durable materials. These toys need to be able to stand up to a dog’s powerful jaws but soft enough to prevent damaging its teeth.

Kong toys are excellent durable toys that you can leave in your puppy’s crate.

  • Comfort Toys

There are some toys that your dog may feel comfortable with. It may be its favorite toy when it’s out of the crate or a toy that reminds it of you. A comfort toy, such as one from Snuggle Puppy, will help your puppy to stay settled in its crate with something that keeps it feeling calm.

  • Balls

Soft balls made of hard plastic are ideal for dogs in crates. If you have an excessive chewer, avoid leaving balls made of rubber. Ensure you leave a large ball and avoid leaving too small balls, as your dog could end up swallowing these. Kong Tag-A-Long Ball is an ideal toy to leave in your puppy’s crate.

Tips On How To Choose Toys That Are Safe To Put In Puppy’s Crate

Choosing which toys to leave in your puppy’s crate depends on the type of dog you have. Your dog may be a serious chewer or a nibbler, and these types of dogs should be given different toys. Chew toys are excellent if your dog is a nibbler. Also, comfort toys are ideal if your dog is gentle with its toys. These could be soft toys, which you know that your dog won’t destroy because of its nature. The toys you choose also depend on the size of your dog. They shouldn’t be too small, which opens the possibility of swallowing. They should not be too big either. If so, your dog won’t be able to fit them in its open mouth. Avoid leaving things like rawhide chews, rope toys, and real bones in your puppy’s crate, as these could cause more harm than good.

Benefits Of Leaving Toys In The Crate

There are many benefits of leaving toys in your puppy’s crate.

  • It provides them with mental stimulation, especially when you leave interactive toys.
  • It gives them an alternative to chewing their bedding.
  • It leads to chewing the right things, thereby protecting your positions from being chewed.
  • It keeps them busy, excited, and happy.
  • It teaches them that being in the crate means they get something they like, associating the crate with something positive.

Why Should You Put in the Crate?

Crate training has great benefits for dogs. A crate provides a safe home for your dog, especially when you’re not near it. It also helps safely transport your dog from one place to another without distracting others in the vehicle. Crate training helps dogs learn to self-soothe. It also helps dogs learn to deal with anxiety, especially during times of distress, such as thunderstorms. All dog owners should crate-train their dogs as it’s essential to raising a dog.

Is It Okay To Put Food In The Crate?

You can put food in the crate, but only during the day when you can supervise it. It’s not advisable to leave food in the crate overnight. It can cause harm to your dog and also make a mess for you to clean up the next day. Feeding the crate is fine as long as you stick to a strict feeding schedule to encourage bowel habits on a predictable schedule. You can put your dog’s regular food and treats in the crate.

What Else Can You Put in the Crate Crate?

Apart from toys, a dog’s crate will have several other things. Dog crate bedding is essential to make the crate more comfortable for your dog. It allows your dog to snuggle up when it stays inside the crate. However, you must be considerate when choosing a bed for your dog’s crate. Your dog may chew and destroy it in no time, making it a waste of buying. Therefore, look for chew-proof bedding if you have a serious chewer at home. You can use puppy pads if you worry about your dog soiling the crate at night. A puppy pad is an absorbent dog bed layer that you can remove and wash in case your dog soils overnight. Giving your dog lightweight fleece blankets is also essential to keep it from feeling too cold at night. 

Is It Okay To Put Water In The Crate?

It’s best not to leave water in the crate, especially when potty training your puppy. It will lead to more accidents in the crate because your puppy will fill up its bladder quickly due to excess fluids. However, if you leave your dog for more than two hours on a hot day, you need to leave water in the crate to prevent it from dehydrating. A crate-mounted bottle or bowl is ideal for preventing spilling.

Is It Alright To Cover A Puppy’s Crate At Night?

Covering the crate at night is fine and differs according to each puppy’s personal preference. See how your puppy reacts to it and act accordingly.

Some puppies prefer the privacy and security it provides, especially due to the exposure of wired crates.

It’s also a good idea to cover the crate if your dog is up to chewing the wires of the crate. 

Where Should You Put Your Puppy’s Crate?

When you start putting your puppy in a crate, it’s better to have the crate in your bedroom. Dogs can easily feel separation anxiety, so having your puppy close to you will make it less apprehensive about this new experience.

Gradually, you need to move the crate away from where you are so your puppy will get used to staying by itself. 


Leaving toys in your puppy’s crate is an excellent idea; it keeps your puppy busy and occupied. You must be mindful of what toys you leave in it, especially if your dog is a serious chewer.

Apart from toys, you can also have bedding, blankets, and food in your crate. However, you must take adequate steps to ensure your dog’s safety at all times.

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