Pet Meet and Greet


This is a visit for us to meet your pet(s) and owners in advance. We will go over your pet(s) needs and schedule, as well as collect general contact information and emergency information.

It’s a good time to sit down with you, the pet parent, and verbally review the information and instructions you submitted online (or if we didn’t have you fill this out ahead of time, we can give you the forms to fill out now).

This is an opportunity to tell us some additional details that we’ll want to make a note of. We will ask questions as necessary so that we have a clear understanding of exactly what your pet’s needs are and what you expect for each visit.

We will review at some of our policies with you as well.

We may ask you to take us on a tour of the home to show us where all the pet supplies are located, like food, leashes, litter boxes, crates, etc. Also find out where you keep cleaning supplies and what trash can to use for pet waste.

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