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Raw Foods Every Dog Owner Should Consider Giving Their Pet - The Savvy Sitter

Raw dog food has been a hot topic for many years now, and while everyone has their own opinion, there’s no doubt that a balanced diet is important for dogs.

As such, whether you feed raw, kibble or something else, you should also consider supplementing your dog’s meals with extra treats in the form of raw fruits, vegetables and meat products. Here’s a list of some popular options for inspiration.

Raw foods every dog should eat: raw chicken

Raw Chicken

Raw chicken is one of the most popular flavours from raw dog food providers like Southend Dog Training. If your dog is already fed raw food, then you can supplement their diet with even more raw chicken in the form of chicken feet or chicken necks, which are popular raw treats.

Cottage Cheese

It’s a well-known fact that dogs love cheese, but if you’re looking for a regular raw treat to replace high calorie spreads like peanut butter in dog toys and on lick mats then cottage cheese could be an ideal solution. Make sure you choose the plain variety, as others have a lot of fat, salt and additives which aren’t good for your dog’s health.

Raw foods every dog should eat: cottage cheese
Raw foods every dog should eat: carrots


Carrots are an excellent source of fibre, vitamins, and minerals for dogs, and they’re very tasty, making them an ideal alternative to expensive stick chews that many owners feed their pets. Carrots are also incredibly versatile and can be fed straight from the bag, frozen during the summer or pureed to put into dog toys for added mental stimulation. As such, they’re an ideal choice for dog owners who are looking for ways to sneak healthy vegetables into their dog’s diet.


Rich in antioxidants and incredibly tasty, blueberries are known as a superfood for good reason. It’s important that you give your dog blueberries and other raw fruits in moderation due to their natural sugar content. Sugar is bad for dogs in high quantities and can lead to many health complications, including obesity and diabetes, so make sure you portion out their blueberries to ensure they don’t have too many of these moreish little treats.

Raw foods every dog should eat: blueberries
Raw foods every dog should eat: sweet potato

Sweet potato

If you’re searching for a handy training treat for your pup, then cubes of raw sweet potato could be the perfect choice for you. These tasty morsels are portable and great for taking with you on outings for when you want to reward or distract your pet.

Green Beans

Green beans are a healthly, simple snack for dogs and can be served raw or cooked. When raw, they have a crunchy texture that’s appealing to dogs. Being low in calories and high in fibre, not to mention relatively inexpensive, green beans are a great snack for dogs.

Raw foods every dog should eat: green beans

A Quick Roundup

All in all, giving your pet raw foods can be an ideal way to improve their health, give them all the nutrients they need and shake up their diet so they’re always interested in their food. Also, as all of these ingredients can be eaten by humans as well as dogs, they’re easy to keep handy and reduce your food wastage- if your dog goes off a particular food, you can just finish the rest yourself!

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