Music for the Pets

Have you ever wondered, how can we help our dogs with music? In this blog, we will explore how music, be it pop music, classical music, or even music that we make just for them, can help our dogs become happier, healthier, and more well-behaved. We will look at how music can treat anxiety and depression, how it can help your dog sleep better, and what is the role of music in thunderstorms.

Is Music Helpful For Dogs?

After discovering music’s power to affect our mood and behavior, officials are now performing studies to find out more about its medicinal benefits on animals. Nowadays, animal biorhythms are in line with their human counterpart which is why their emotional state can be affected by the type of music they hear. As such, several musicians have taken it upon themselves to accelerate the healing process with a compilation of soothing melodies for pets that undergo stress and anxiety.

What Kind Of Music Is Helpful For Dogs?

It has been said that classical music is one of the best sources of musical stimuli to help soothe or calm dogs. Similarly, it has been found that soft rock and Raggae are also effective. Music can be of great benefit to the dog, especially because it can induce relaxation, similar to that hypnosis.

It works well because traditionally the right music combines with various sounds the dog’s brain can easily interpret as messages related to relaxation which would normally include sonic mantras (repeated sounds). This way it influences the brain via cognitive thinking and emotional reactions in order to produce a more relaxed state of being for what is otherwise one feisty pooch.

If you keep playing the same music over and over, it can become annoying to your dog after about 7 days. The Mozart effect has few long-term effects, so don’t continue that strategy for long periods. Instead of changing him out of his crate every 5 minutes, swap out what kind of music you’re playing for him on a daily basis to keep his mood consistent and steady throughout the day.

There is even music that is made specifically for different situations. The music can help anxious dogs, dogs with separation anxiety, and dogs that are fearful of thunder or for any purpose at all. This applies if one needs it to help a dog sleep through the night, to help new puppies adjust, or simply when falling asleep during quiet times of the day.

In What Situations Music Is Helpful For Dogs

Rather than just turning on music when we’re about to experience a scary moment or scenario, try playing some tunes throughout the day. If you normally turn it on right before you leave the house or when you head out for firework night in particular, then whatever song happens to be playing during this event will likely become a trigger of anxiety. Play it while your dog is resting and it will become what they associate good relaxing moods with. Here are some situations in music that can help

When Your Dog Is Home Alone

While it may be true that there are some pets who aren’t exactly the best at containing their emotions when they’re left alone and lonely. Most owners have heard a sad tale about what happens if their pup is left behind in the house. That being said,  choosing the right music as an owner to not just keep your pet calm and collected but also save yourself a bit of hassle along the way too.

During Thunderstorms

There is a particular phobia in dogs called storm phobia. This phobia comes from sensory information, such as thunderclaps, lightning, and barometric pressure. One way to help dogs overcome this fear is to play calming music for them when a storm hits. The truth is that environmental sounds can be improved in the dogs’ life by incorporating natural sounds into their lifestyles through things like music, which can also support any behavioral issues.

After Rescuing a Dog

When rescue dogs arrive at a shelter, they can unfold from an impoverished life that has seen them mistreated and abandoned. They tend to be wary of their new situation and might not just warm up to strangers right away, you have to exercise some patience. Another way to keep this in check is through the right choice of music or songs as it tends to soothe many animals which helps them relax.

When Travelling

Dogs experience motion sickness, too! Motion sickness refers to the incongruence between what our senses indicate to us is occurring in the real world and the way our body feels. With dogs moving so much and their heightened senses, they might experience worse forms of nausea than humans do when riding in a car.

Change of Owner

Dogs bond with their owners and become all too protective of them. However, this can sometimes lead to separation anxiety when they lose one of these beloved figures. Dogs undergo a grieving process when this happens, which requires special support as well as care and interaction to slowly bring them back into the feeling of living in the presence of people again.

Music can also help during this delicate time by playing soothing melodies and providing comforting rhythms to reach out to these animals that are still experiencing the pain associated with loss.


Dogs experience the world through their sense of smell more than their vision. Hearing is the next most important sense. By stimulating their auditory senses with music, we can greatly enhance the quality of life for our pets. Music can be used to help reduce anxiety, calm hyperactive behavior, and even help our dogs to heal faster when they are injured or ill. We hope this blog helped you learn more about how music can help your dog live a happier and healthier life.

Cable or Satellite Channels


    • CATTV and DOGTV is an optional channel provided by AmazonFire, Apple TV, DirectTV, Roku and a few others.
    • This provides television for your pets as a 24/7 digital TV channel with special content was created to meet specific attributes of a pet’s sense of vision, hearing and supports their natural behavior patterns. The result: a confident, happy pet, who’s less likely to develop stress, separation anxiety, or other related problems.
    • Bonus: Supports and helps The Humane Society of the United States.
  • HGTV
  • Golf Network/Channel
  • Travel Channel
  • Light Classical
    • Do not confuse Light Classical for Classical Music.  Light Classical tends to be lighter in sound and usually played with higher octaves to give it a sensitive touch. Also, it does not contain any loud and haunting pieces of music. Its rhythm is usually slow or intermediate.
      • Classical Music Channels:
        • Spectrum Music Channel 449
        • Direct TV Music Channel 851
  • Smooth Jazz
    • Smooth Jazz tends to be more polished than regular jazz.  Generally, smooth jazz relies on rhythms and grooves instead of improvisation.
    • Smooth Jazz Music Channels:
      • Spectrum Music Channel 443
      • Direct TV Music Channel 851
  • New Age/ Soundscape/ Zen Music
    •  This genre of music is intended to create artistic inspiration, relaxation, calm, and optimism. Often found in yoga, mediation, or spa services.
    • New Age/ Soundscape/ Zen Music
      • New Age/ Soundscape/ Zen Music Channels:
        • Spectrum Music Channel 442: Soundscape
      • Direct TV Music Channels
        • Channel 856: New Age
        • Channel 857: Zen


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